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NAS Warrington branch

A branch of the National Autistic Society

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NAS Data Protection and Privacy Policy


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Parents Code


1. Warrington NAS was set up by parents of Autistic children to provide a lifelong, supportive

community for their children.


2. It continues to exist today through the efforts of unpaid volunteers and aims to support

other parents in the same situation and their children. Our volunteers work hard despite

their own difficult circumstances and need support from other parents.


3. We aim to provide local training, activities and support so that parents are equipped to

achieve the best outcomes they can for their children.


4. The branch works best when we all work together and contribute what we can of our time

and skills. It is not, and should never be, solely the responsibility of a handful of people on a

committee. That way it is unsustainable and will not be there for our children when we are



5. Branch children’s activities are a chance to try new activities which might be too hard or

costly to do with our children alone and for them to learn social skills in a safe, accepting



6. We are all responsible for the safety and behaviour of our own children.


7. Everyone should show the same understanding and acceptance to children from other families

that they would wish to be extended to their own. All our children have strengths and

difficulties and are wonderfully unique.


8. Families who book on events and training are responsible for notifying us in good time if they cannot attend an event so that opportunities can be offered to others. Always let us know if you can no longer attend an event you have booked so that other people’s children can have the opportunity to benefit. Give as much notice as you can and if it is a last minute problem, simply send a text to the branch mobile 07879434565.


We reserve the right to take anyone off the mailing list who doesn’t follow this code.

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